Introduction to Power Pages (Preview Feature)

A picture showing the addition of the Power Pages to the Power Platform

What are Power Pages & Why It’s needed now?

Before starting with Power Pages, lets us recall the previous tools/features that organizations used to collaborate with external users (suppliers, anonymous users and etc) from Microsoft. Do you recall, Public SharePoint? This was ramped down and later Dynamic Portal was introduced for the same purpose and then Power Apps Portal as part of Power Apps. Now we have Power Pages.

Power pages are the newest addition to the Power Platform Family and this was introduced last month at the Microsoft Build Event May 2022. Power Pages are the evaluation of Power Apps portals. Power Pages is an enterprise-grade low-code no code SaaS platform for creating, hosting, and administrating rich, interactive, data-first, business web pages worldwide.  Power Pages enables you to design, configure and publish externally facing websites quickly which works seamlessly across browsers and devices.

It is a Robust & Scalable enterprise-grade hosting platform.

Before we further discuss the Power Pages, let us recall the Power Apps portals.

What are Power Apps portals?

PowerApps Portals are an extension of PowerApps that enables citizen developers and professional developers to build external-facing websites. This allows organizations to sign in with a wide variety of identities, create and view data in Microsoft Data verse, or even browse content anonymously.

Differences between Power App Portal & Power Pages

Scenario(s)Power Apps portalPower Pages
Basic HTML, JavaScript, CSS, or Liquid needed?YesNo
Support wide options to configure requirementsNoYes
All the Configuration can be made within the design studio e.g: IdentitiesNoYes
Time to design, create, hostMore time compared with Power PagesLess time compared with Power Apps Portal

Power Pages – Who can create?

Power Pages will be created and maintained by the below 3 Major groups.

  1. Citizen Developer /Low-code website maker
  2. Pro Developer
  3. Site Administrators

The below picture shows what are all the features that will be available for each group.

A picture showing the Features that are targetted to each group

Points to be noted

  • All the existing Power Apps portals will be converted automatically into Power Pages during General Availability (GA) time
  • All the new Power Pages functionalities will also be available for Power Apps portals
  • All the Power Apps portals functionalities will be available for Power Pages
  • Changes will be introduced towards licenses when it goes to GA

For more detailed information

Please refer to the below Microsoft articles.

What will be the next episode

Excited to learn more about Power Pages and start experiencing the mentioned features, please stay tuned 🙂

Happy Learning !!!


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