Managed Environments (Preview Feature)

What is Managed Environments & Why it is needed?

Managed Environments is a new feature that helps Power Platform Admins to manage environments more effectively with less effort. This enables the below 3 features

  1. Weekly digests
  2. Sharing limits
  3. Data policies

At this moment there are no inbuilt features to enable these insights

Do you aware of the Power Platform CoE Starter Kit?

If not more information can be found here. As Admin, we can get these insights by using the CoE kit. However, this needs to be installed separately. Microsoft introducing Managed Environments feature to address this.

Who can Enable it?

To Enable/Edit;

  1. Global Admin
  2. Power Platform Admin
  3. Dynamic 365 admin Azure Active Directory

To view;

  1. Any User with permission to see environments details

How to Enable it?

  1. Select the ”Environments” from the Power Platform admin center
  2. Select the ” Environment” which you want to enable Managed Environments and click on the” Enable Managed Environments” button
  3. Also by using ”PowerShell” script

Weekly DigestWhat Information will be included?

  1. Dashboard for Active Apps, Active Flows, Active Users
  2. Dashboard for Not launched Apps. Can help to plan the cleaning activity  
  3. Dashboard for Most Popular Apps
  4. Dashboard for Most Popular Flows

Weekly DigestWhich Environments & Who are the audience

  1. Environments Listing;
    • Insights will be provided to all environments until unless it is excluded separately by removing the checkbox
  2. Audience/Email Recipients;
    • All Power Platform administrations & Dynamics 365 administrators
    • Additional recipients can be added in the ”Email recipients” section
    • Powershell Script can be used to add/remove the recipients

Sharing Limits Setup Limits for Power Apps

  1. Exclude sharing with security groups;
    • The app cannot be shared with any Security groups by app Makers. Admins may share with a limit on who an app can be shared with.
  2. Limit total individuals who can be shared to;
    • The app cannot be shared with users more than specified.
  3. Points to be considered;
    • Limit total individuals who can be shared to is available only if Exclude sharing with security groups is selected
    • Rules will be enforced only when sharing the app. Existing sharing Apps will not get affect
    • It may take 1 hour to get in effect after the Setup

Data Policies See Environments Data Policies List

  1. All the applied data policies to an environment can be seen easily
  2. Click the ”See active data policies for this environment”
  3. The data Policies page opens & shows only the ”Applied Data Policies”
  4. ”Clear Filter” can be removed to see the Data Policies which are applied to all the environments

License To be Considered any?

  1. All applications & Flows are available in Managed Environments are Premium
  2. i.e, Any of the Power Platform licensing options (per user, per app or flow, or pay-as-you-go) or Dynamics 365 licenses that give premium usage rights
  3. During the public preview, the premium license requirement for applications and flows in a managed environment is not enforced

Hope this helps…

Get all the details from the Microsoft articles here


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