Admin URLs

I would like to list down all the Microsoft Administration URLs in this post. I personally will navigate to the MS Admin center and click on each application every time instead of the direct URL. So, thought of listing down all the MS app direct admin URLs collectively.

Hopefully, this helps admins & new comers 🙂

  1. All Admin Centers:
  2. Azure AD admin center:
  3. Microsoft Purview compliance portal‎:
  4. Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center:
  5. Exchange Admin Center:
  6. M365 Admin center:
  7. Dynamics 365 Apps/Power Platform:
  8. Dynamics 365 Advanced Settings: https://[orgname].[region]
  9. Power Platform: Https://Admin.Powerplatform.Microsoft.Com/Home?L=En-IN
  10. Power Apps:
  11. Power Apps Maker Portal:
  12. Power Automate:
  13. Power BI Admin portal:
  14. SharePoint Admin center:
  15. Microsoft Steam:
  16. Microsoft Teams:
  17. Yammer:

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